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'The water's gonna win:' Despite risks, backers say plan

Jun 14, 2019 · Years of saltwater corrosion laid waste to the ships steel hull. By the 1980s , lower interior areas had taken on water and structural support had failed in some areas. Inexperenced Newbies READ THIS WARNING [Archive Jul 01, 2020 · * Steel boats are where wood boats were 40 years ago. They are succumbing to the ravages of time. Most are over 30 years old. They are a hard sell and are rejected by some marinas. INSURANCE IS A REAL PROBLEM TO OBTAIN. * Steel boats usually rust out from the inside and the areas of the hull that go bad first are the keels and engine compartment.

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Dec 04, 2017 · Steel and Aluminum Vessels Procedure Number:GEN-03 Revision Date:12/4/2017 S. E. HEMANN, CDR, Chief, Hull Division a. 46 CFR Subchapter H, Subpart 72.01 - Hull Structure b. 46 CFR Subchapter I, Subpart 92.01 - Hull Structure c. 46 CFR Subchapter K, Part 116, Subpart C - Hull Marine Survey Practice:Repair Quality Standard for Jan 08, 2013 · 1.1 This standard provides guidance on quality of repair of hull structures. The standard covers permanent repairs of existing ships. - hull structures constructed from normal and higher strength hull structural steel, the applicability of the standard Need advice for buying steel yacht YBW ForumMay 29, 2015 · Hi, I am interested in buying a Roberts Mauritius Ketch (45 foot) 1983. Hull material:6 mm steel below water line, 5 mm topside. Deck & cabin material:3 mm steel. Now, the boat has been advertised as being maintained in superb condition. Providing this is true:1. What would be the life

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On the Gold Coast, we can say that one out of 20 owns a boat. So eventually, these boats will exchange hands again, and ultimately reach its EOL. One of the complications we have is there is no defined end-of-life of a boat which would mandate any action being taken to dispose of such, explains BIAA General Manager Nik Parker. Repairing a steel hull Boat Design NetApr 21, 2009 · It is a matter of isolating the steel from air, water and salt. Since it is better done by repair-sandblast-paint than spraying fiberglass all over it (with or without repair and sandblasting first) I think you made a good choice. It is fun to work in steel anyway. To make repairs all you need is a welding machine, some steel plates and a good will Shaft Alignment - PassageMakerJun 11, 2013 · Once the position is set, the epoxy is allowed to cure, after which, thanks to the mold release wax, the strut is removed. Wax is removed from the strut and the epoxy surface, and the strut is then set in polyurethane bedding compound, ensuring a watertight seal with the hull. In some cases, the bearing centerline may be below that of the shaft.

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Jun 18, 2021 · 1975 54' Steel Hull Houseboat For Sale - House Boat - $1500 (Lake Keowee Marina) Up for sale is a 1975 54' houseboat. The hull was re-plated approximately 15 years ago, and the boat has been sitting unused for some time now. This South Carolina documented vessel is in need of some extensive renovations (I would consider this a full gut job with welding required). The saving of WhiteBird - The Coastal PassageTwo of pre prime, then a couple of epoxy primer, then a couple coats of "jotomastic, then layer upon layer of white polyurethane two part paint. about 12-15 coats in all. The prop shaft on left and the shaft tube in center was all replaced with much of the surrounding steel. Underwater Welding Repairs to Damaged Hull Irish Sea Divers welded all  steel plate patches by overhead welding using 3.2mm Barricuda Gold welding rods. After some 50 hours of underwater welding was completed the vessel was completely sealed and the GL Surveyor released the vessel for her onward 4 day passage to Bremerhaven.

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Subj:Notes on Inspection and Repair of Steel Hulls 1. PURPOSE. The attached Notes on Inspection and Repair of Steel hulls is intended to disseminate to Coast Guard Marine Inspectors, Vessel Owners, and Shipyards general information relating to good practice in the inspection and repair of steel How to maintain and operate your Boat! - The Coastal PassageSince 2004 The Coastal Passage has been providing usefull technical articles. You have How to Patch a Round Steel Hull How to eye splice double braid rope. Several methods starting with the easiest to learn. You CAN do this. How to clean your diesel fuel. A way to maintain your fuel with salvage parts, a