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Cyclic softening and hardening behavior of a nickel-base

Apr 15, 1995 · Merrick [1] observed the formation of dislocation loops around the Y" precipitates in consistency with the cyclic hardening during the low cycle fatigue of alloy 901 and Waspaloy. Jablonsld and Sargent [2] also reported the cyclic hardening of a single crystal superalloy when stressed along the [100] orientation at 760. GUIDE TO ETCHING SPECIALTY ALLOYSEtching superalloys in preparation for micro- Pyromet 706, 718, and 901 19. 26 General structure including grain size and grain boundary precipitate. 13 Gamma prime precipitates - banding anddepletion Co-Fe Hy-Sat alloy 27, Co-Fe-V Remendur, Hiperco® 50 26, 28, 19 General structure

Hot Ductility Loss in a Fe-Ni-Based Superalloy

Keywords:superalloy; incoloy A-286; hot ductility loss 1. Introduction Incoloy A-286 (A-286) is an iron-nickel base, austenitic superalloy containing 25 wt. % of Ni, 15 wt. % of Cr and other minor elements like Ti, Al and Mo. A-286 has a long service history in the Incoloy professional manufacturer,Your trusted Incoloy is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy designed to resist oxidation and carbonization at elevated temperatures. There are many types of ncoloy alloys:common ones such as Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H, Incoloy800HT, Incoloy825, Incoloy840, Incoloy901, Incoloy925, Incoloy20, Incoloy330, Incoloy25-6 Mo, and the like. The metal nickel-iron-chromium-based nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy contains a Inconel 901 Bar Stock - AMS 5660, AMS 5661Mechanical Properties Inconel® 901 bar is a chromium-nickel-iron base, age hardenable superalloy designed for high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. It is hardened by precipitation of nickel, titanium and aluminum compounds. Typical applications for 901 bar include gas turbine engines, and high temperature bolting.

Properties and microstructures for dual alloy combinations

Dual alloy combinations of iron rich Alloy 901 with nickel base superalloys Rene 95, Astroloy, or MERL 76 were not isostatically pressed from prealloyed powders. Individual alloys, alloy mixtures, and layered alloy combinations were given the heat treatments specified for their use in turbine disks or appropriate for Alloy 901. Properties of Some Metals - Nickel InstituteProperties of Some Metals and Alloys COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS WHITE METALS AND ALLOYS ALUMINUM AND ALLOYS MAGNESIUM ALLOYS IUM Special Metals - Power GenerationWe created INCONEL® alloy 740H® to help power generation facilities better manage todays new high-pressure, high-temperature demands. Enabling Power Generation Our superalloys enable land-base gas turbines, feedwater and superheater tubing in coal- and oil-fired utilities and nuclear engineering.

Superalloys for High Temperaturesa Primer

of superalloy systems (see Chapters 3 and 12). Figure 1.1 compares stress-rupture be-havior of the three alloy classes (iron-nickel-, nickel-, and cobalt-base). A representative list of superalloys and compositions, empha-sizing alloys developed in the United States, is given in Tables 1.1 and 1.2. Appropriate compositions of superalloys