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Apr 02, 2019 · The top nations of provider is China, from which the share of 316l chrome steel sheet worth per kg provide is one hundred % respectively. Physical properties of Stainless Steel 316L Density (kg/m3) 8000, Elastic Modulus (GPa) 193, Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (m/m/0C) 15. 317L stainless steel price per kg in India, SS 317L supplierThe Specific Heat of stainless steel 317L is 502 J/kg-°K (0 100°C) [0.12 BTU/lb-°F (32 212°F)]. AISI 317L is used in a number of applications and industries like petroleum refining, explosives, chemical and petrochemical processing, air pollution control, power generation,

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Density (kg/m3) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (mm/m/C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Specific Heat 0-100C (J/kg.K) 316 316L Stainless Steel sheet View More Send E-mail 309 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh View More Send E-mail SS 309S / SS 309H Wire ASTM A240/ ASME SA 240 Grade 316L Stainless Steel Sheet Density (kg/m3) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Mean Co-eff of Thermal Expansion (µm/m/°C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Specific Heat 0-100 °C (J/kg.K) Elec Resistivity (n.m) 0-100 °C 0-315 °C 0-538 °C At 100 °C At 500 °C; 316L:8000:193:15.9:16.2:17.5:16.3:21.5:500:740 Micro Motion ELITE CMF050M Coriolis Meter, 1/2 Inch ±0.0005 g/cm3 (±0.5 kg/m3) (standard)±0.0002 g/cm3 (±0.2 kg/m3) (optional) Density repeatability (Liquid) ±0.0002 g/cm3 (±0.2 kg/m3) (standard)±0.0001 g/cm3 (±0.1 kg/m3) (optional)

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Widest range of meter approvals and certifications, including; CSA, ATEX, NEPSI, IECEx, Ingress Protection 66/67, SIL2 and SIL3, marine, and custody transfer approvals. Choose from models available in 316L Stainless Steel, C-22 nickel alloy and super-duplex materials. Interact with our 3D model to learn more about our ELITE Coriolis Flow and Specification Sheet:Alloy 316/316L - Sandmeyer SteelDensity 0.285 lbs / in 3 7.90 g 3/cm Modulus of Elasticity 629.0 x 10 psi 200 GPa Melting Range 2450 2630°F 1390 1440°C Specific Heat 0.11 BTU/lb-°F (32 212°F) 450 J/kg-°K (0 100°C) Thermal Conductivity 212°F (100°C) 210.1 BTU/hr/ft/ft/°F 14.6 W/m-°K Electrical Resistivity 29.1 Microhm-in at 68°F 74 Microhm-cm at 20°C Stainless Steel 316 Round Bar ASTM A276 type 316L Black BarDensity (kg/m3) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (m/m/0C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Specific Heat 0-1000C (J/kg.K) Electrical Resistivity (n.m) 0-1000C:0-3150C:0-5380C:at 1000C:at 5000C:316 316L:8000:193:15.9:16.2:17.5:16.3:21.5:500:740

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Stainless steel 316L - 1.4404 is one of the many grades that thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) supply. We supply a vast range in various forms of stainless, aluminium and mild steel. This data sheet gives you more detailed information about the chemical and mechanical Stainless Steel Grades Lawrance MetalsDensity (Kg/m3) Magnetic Permeability (20°C) Youngs Modulus (kN/mm2) Specific Electrical Resistance, 20°C (µ-m) Mean coefficient of thermal expansion, 20-100°C (m/m/°C) Specific Heat, 20°C (J/kg.K) Thermal conductivity, 20°C (W/m.K) 316L:8000:1.05:193:0.74:15.9 x 10-6:500:16.3