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3/8 Inch High Speed Steel Double-End Spotweld Cutter

The spotweld cutter assembly contains one arbor, one retractable pilot and one 3/8" double-end cutter ; Hollow design cuts around weld, thus hardness does not affect tool sharpness ; Adjustable depth rod sets the tool so only the outer panel is cut through; Unique Cutting Tools Basics:The Essential Guide MachineMfgMay 06, 2021 · Universal high speed steel cutter. General-purpose high-speed steel can be divided into two types:tungsten steel and tungsten-molybdenum steel. This type of high speed steel contains (C) of 0.7% to 0.9%. According to the amount of tungsten contained in steel, it can be divided into tungsten steel with W of 12% or 18%.

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Mar 02, 2013 · Cutting Welds. 03-03-2013, 08:33 PM. I need to cut several stitch welds to remove some casters off the bottom of a cart. I used an angle grinder to cut some of them. I then switched to a mini die grinder to get in some tighter spots; that grinder was very weak. But I still need to remove some more. The picture shows the tight spot they are in. Eastwood Spot Weld Cutter Tools & Spot Weld DrillsThese special bits are manufactured using materials such as high-speed steel and cobalt so they can cut through hundreds of welds. Many of our spot weld bits have a small "pilot bit" that self-centers to keep the bit from skipping or wandering off course. Double-ended spot weld cutters allow you to drill double the holes with multi-layer panels. Spot Weld Cutters & Kits Spot Weld Drill Bits - TOOLSiDHSS Spotweld Cutter by AES Industries®. This spot weld cutter has a 3/8" double-ended blade with a 1/4" HSS arbor with retractable pilot. The high speed steel outlasts the others 5 to 1.

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As national high-tech enterprise, "Trintfar" has owned many cutting-edge welding technology products in more than 20 years of unremitting efforts. It includes Inverter Resistance Welding Machine in medium and high frequency, Numerical Control Resistance Welding, Laser Welding Equipment, Welding Robot Integrated System, Welding Line in Spotweld Cut Bit 8mm (5/16) High Speed SteelSpotweld Cut Bit 8mm (5/16) High Speed Steel. PART#:BS20780 $ 17.95 $ 14.95. For steel spotwelds. Buy 6 Get 1 Free. Just add 7 to your cart and a discount will be applied to Spotweld Cutter High Speed Steel 3/8 Double-End Rotary» Spotweld Cutter High Speed Steel 3/8 Double-end Rotary. Sale! Spotweld Cutter High Speed Steel 3/8 Double-end Rotary. PART#:BS20911 STARTING AT $ 13.95 $ 8.95. Discontinued 11/2020. Welding Shaft Pins 2.0mm Black. Spotweld Cutter Replacement Pilots & Springs 3 Pack. Dynamat Sound Sheet Roll 58" x33"

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HSS Spot Weld Cutter Kit Features:*Spot-weld drills are primarily used for the removal of spot welds. The Spot-weld drill bit is made from High Speed Steel and Cobalt (HSS-Co), TiN Coated or Carbide.The Best Spot Weld Cutters (June 2021 Reviews & Guide May 22, 2021 · The DR4402 Value Pack contains 2 shafts with cutting blades plus 2 spare cutting blades. You get long-lasting, double-sided 3/8 high-speed metal cutting blades made of high-quality, heat-resistant steel. 3/8 is an ideal size for removing spot welds. This is ideal for cutting spot welding panels quickly and distortion-free.