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How to set up an Invitrogen ProcartaPlex immunoassay in the Luminex xPONENT Software. Learn how to set up and run an Invitrogen ProcartaPlex immunoassay on a Luminex Instrument using the Luminex xPONENT Software. 9:55. Play video How to use the Invitrogen ProcartaPlex Analysis App on the Thermo Fisher Connect Platform. Antibody Protocol Collection Thermo Fisher Scientific - CNTranslate this pageWestern Blot Protocols. Western blot (WB) is a technique that separates a mixture of proteins via size exclusion electrophoresis. The target protein is identified using an antibody specific for the target and is visualized as a band via chemiluminescent or fluorescent detection.

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The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. DyLight Antibody Labeling Kits:Protein Labelling Covalently label antibodies or proteins with DyLight dyes for use in cellular imaging, flow cytometry, IHC, ICC, etc. Learn more. Shop DyLight™ Antibody Labeling DyLight Antibody Labeling Kits:Protein Labelling Reagents Crosslinking, Labelling and Protein Modification Fisher Scientific HSP70 Mouse anti-Bovine, Human, Non-human primate, Antibodies & Protein Biology Antibody Production & Purification; Electrophoresis, Western Blotting and ELISA

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Antibodies & Protein Biology Antibody Production & Purification; Electrophoresis, Western Blotting and ELISA antigen-antibody interaction and solutions flow between the iBind Card and membrane for maximum interaction between protein and antibody Fisher Scientific, Bishop Meadow Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5RG Lab Equipment and Lab Supplies Fisher ScientificFisher Scientific - Guldensporenpark 26 - 9820 Merelbeke - Belgium Tel. 056 260 260 - Fax. 056 260 270 - [email protected] S.R.L. au capital de Protein Biology Videos - Scientific Videos Thermo Fisher A short introduction to Invitrogen iBright Imaging Systems - stunningly easy western blot and gel imaging. Watch a high-level feature overview of the Invitrogen iBright Imaging Systems. 1:33. Play video How to use Invitrogen No-Stain Protein Labeling Reagent and the iBright Imaging System for fast, easy, and accurate quantitative western blotting.

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Experience in the field of molecular biology, protein eion, protein purification, and protein-protein interaction. Experience in applying scientific principles and concepts in antibody development platforms with knowledge of emerging technologies such as deep sequencing or mining of antibody repertoires using NGS, phage or cell display, affinity maturation etc. Spatial omics knowledge is a plus. anti-Acetyl-p53 Lys382 Oligoclonal, Invitrogen 100g Acetyl-p53 Lys382Oligoclonal antibody 710294 from Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ specifically detects Acetyl-p53 Lys382 in Human samples, and it is validated for WB, IF and ICCProtein Biology Fisher ScientificProtein Biology. Protein biology and protein chemistry are disciplines that help us understand the thousands of genes that influence our health. Genes direct the production of proteins that play a significant role in health and disease. Disorders like cancer, Alzheimer's, heart failure, and diabetes are now known to produce proteins and other